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All comfortable class accommodation with private facilities in cities, Guest houses, Home stays and Yurt in the remote areas with basic sharing facilities Guides: Fully escorted by our English speaking guides in each country Tour starting point: Daily- Minimum 2 people required Itinerary Day by day itinerary Day Ashgabat Turkmenistan On arrival at Ashgabat international airport you will be met by our guide and transfer to your hotel, afternoon city tour of Ashgabad, visit Tolkuchka bazaar. Overnight in Grand Hotel D Day Mary Morning flight to Mary, Later sightseeing of Mary visit the ancient ruins of Merv which came under Persian, Greek, Sassanian and Moslem rule and from the 11th century was the capital of the Seljuk Turks, who controlled an empire stretching from Afghanistan to Egypt. In the 13th century Merv was destroyed by the Mongols leaving only the ruins of these numerous civilizations, later visit the History Museum, Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum and Kys Kala. Bukhara Uzbekistan In the morning, drive to the Turkmen Uzbek border, after border formalities you will be met by our Uzbek guide, later drive to Bukhara. Bukhara Today we explore the old quarter on foot.

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Golden age of the Tajiks The golden age of the Tajik nation is connected to the time of the Samanids, a period which gave an unprecedented rise to the genius and creativity of the people in science, art, literature and culture. The learning and culture, science and philosophy, which flourished during this period, not only linked together the past, present and future of the Tajik nation, they also bridged the gap between the civilization of the East and the West.

It is hard to imagine that mathematics, natural sciences and philosophy could have reached the present day level of development had it not been for the discoveries and achievements made by Omar Khayam, Mohammed al Khorazmi, Nasr al-Farabi, Zakhari al-Razi, al-Biruni and many other scholars. Tajikistan — Blessed with Nature and Rich History The city is situated on the confluence of two rivers.

 · External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Sirojiddin Muhriddin in Dushanbe today. She also met Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah. EAM Swaraj is on her visit to Tajikistan to attend SCO Heads of Government Council ://

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This architecturally dazzling Persian teahouse was a gift from a sister city in Tajikistan. Keep reading to discover the unlikely story of how the teahouse came to Boulder. In , a group of Boulderites led by Sophia Stoller and Mary Axe, set out to establish a sister-city relationship with a community in the then Soviet Union, hoping that it would increase international understanding and peace. This went against the political grain of the time, but the group persisted in their endeavor.

A match was eventually made with Dushanbe, Tajikistan, with the two cities sharing a number of commonalities:

 · Tajikistan, is located in Central Asia, nestled between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. Tajikistan was once home to many ancient societies dating back as

Reviews 1 The day tour from Tashkent to the cities of Pamir region is a traditional tourist route to Tajik natural and historical sites. The tour program includes familiarity with the history of the oldest cities of Central Asia, the monuments of Sufism, visiting hot healing springs Garam Chashma, ruby deposits Kuhi Lal, the largest salt lake in Pamir — Karakul with shaggy yaks grazing on its coast and so on.

Go through border formalities on both checkpoints. Meet your Tajikistan guide and drive to the town of Khujand for a short city tour. Overnight at the hotel. Khujand — Istaravshan 85 km, 1,20 h — Saritag km, 3,30 h In the morning drive to Saritag via Istaravshan. Continue to Mug Teppe, one of the ancient settlements located in Istaravshan. The city is believed to be founded by King Cyrus in the North-East boundary of his empire. Lunch at local Chaihana.

Dinner and overnight in the guesthouse. The area of the lake is ha. Continue driving to Dushanbe.

EAM Sushma Swaraj meets her Tajikistan counterpart [Video]

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Sitemap Pavement Tessellations One of the few applications tessellation has is in the use of actual street pavings. Pavings as such have a long history, seen world wide. Of interest mathematically is to what tilings have been chosen for this purpose; in that what is it exactly that makes a certain tiling attractive enough to be manufactured as a paving?

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As such, it can be said that the instigator of such instances lacks imagination, and so aesthetically in this context such instances are excluded from this page. Another frequently to be seen paving is of narrow rectangles block pavers , typically arranged in a herring bone or basket weave patterns. As such, pavement designs are to all intents and purposes anonymous, with any one design simply described as according to a trade name or catalogue number.

However, on occasions, some do indeed acquire more attention than others, and not necessarily due to sheer frequency as might otherwise be thought. Indeed, although the Cairo is indeed notable in frequency of sightings, it has really only come to prominence by chance matters. Pleasingly, it has a documented history, as well as a named designer although both a little hazy as to specifics; different dates and designers are quoted, all of which I discuss below in more detail.

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It also became a cultural hub and several famous poets and scientists came from this city. Khujand was fathed by the Muslim armies in the early 8th century under Qutayba ibn Muslim , and incorporated into the Umayyad and later Abbasid Caliphates. In the late 9th century, however, it reverted to local rule of Turkic governors, and eventually incorporated for a short period into the Samanid Empire.

It came under the rule of the Kara-Khanid Khanate in and after the division of Kara Khanids in , it was initially part of Eastern Kara Khanids, and then later passed to the western one. Karakhitans conquered it in , but it passed to Khwarazmshahs in In AD , it strongly resisted the Mongol hordes and was thus laid to waste – around 20, Mongol soldiers surrounded the city and besieged it but a local man opened the doors of the city and let the Mongol army in.

 · Dushanbe is relatively secure, but there have been occasional muggings and petty crime against foreigners. Women should avoid going out alone /tajikistan/safety-and-security.

Mandarin lessons to become compulsory in Pakistan 20 Sep “It is obvious why Chinese is becoming more popular,” said Li Quan, a professor of Chinese at Renmin university in Beijing. The West has started to realise that if you want to get to know China and understand how the country works, it is important to learn Mandarin.

And the world now understands that China is going to be a force for a long time, so learning the language is essential”. Some eyebrows have been raised at this extension of the Chinese government into the lives of British students, but there is also a general agreement so far that the UK would have minimal resources to teach Mandarin without them. Indeed, only 1, students took Chinese or Mandarin at undergraduate or postgraduate level last year, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, making it the least popular major language apart from Japanese.

In response, the government has laid out plans to bolster the teaching of Mandarin in schools and the Confederation of British Industry has said that Chinese is one of the most sought-after languages by British businesses. The developing world is going a step further, as Pakistan’s decision to make Mandarin compulsory in schools has shown. Meanwhile, Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, designated last year as the “Year of Chinese Language” in Russia and even flirted with the idea of learning it himself.

But the challenge of learning Chinese is daunting, especially from outside the country. Not only do foreigners find it difficult to master the four tones of Mandarin, but the alien grammar and the difficulty of rote-learning thousands of words overcome all but the most diligent students. Perhaps that is just the number of people expressing an interest,” said Zheng Wei, an editor at Beijing Language University’s publishing house.

The big problem is that foreign countries lack resources to teach Chinese, both in books and teachers.


Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan. Get in By plane For Westerners there are only a few ways to fly into Dushanbe. It is possible to transit Moscow – Domodedovo Airport, which has daily flights to Dushanbe, without a visa if you have no checked luggage, otherwise a transit visa is required flight is on Domodedovo Airlines.

If you have checked in luggage you need a transit visa because the airlines will not transfer it for you. For that reason you have to collect the luggage yourself and check it in for your final flight.

Get local advice in the Tavildara region of central Tajikistan as there are a few minefields dating from the civil war in the mountains. There have been occasional muggings and petty crime against foreigners but Tajikistan’s capital city Dushanbe is relatively safe and there’s little evidence of criminality directed against foreigners /travel-advice/a-z-list-of-countries/tajikistan.

An active proponent of Buddhism, he sent out religious missions and stated some of the Buddhist principles in inscriptions. Alasandra was probably Alexandria in the Caucasus, in the region of modern Kabul, while Pallavabhogga lay on the eastern frontier of Parthia—in Margiana or a Parthian subject state in Afghanistan Litvinsky, , pp. Later it penetrated other Central Asian regions, reached Xinjiang from Central Asia and Kashmir, and continued moving eastward.

The date for the arrival of Buddhism there is given by a Tibetan chronicle as 84 BCE and appears probable Emmerick, , p. A 1st-2nd-century CE manuscript of the Buddhist canonical text, the Dharmapada, was found in Khotan, and so it is likely that other canonical works would have been in circulation there in that period Brough, p. Of the numerous Buddhist ruins in these regions, the earliest are dated to the Kushan dynasty 1st-3rd centuries.

His coinage carries images of Iranian and Hellenistic-Roman deities and—rarely—the Buddha.

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The ever burning underground fires are reputed to have inspired the notion of an eternal flame in Zoroastrianism. Yagnob Winters Image credit: When the winter snows come, the road out of the canyon becomes impassable, forcing the inhabitants to patiently wait for the snows to melt, huddled around fires on goatskins spread on the stone floors on their homes. Monica Whitlock of BBC lived with the Yagnobi and wrote a report describing how the Yagnobi are home bound during the winter.

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A Daewoo sedan plowed into a group of seven foreign bicyclists about 60 miles south of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, on Sunday, according to local police. Embassy in Tajikistan said in a statement Monday. Local reports claim Wokke was an experienced cyclist who had taken his bike through countries, and that the couple had chosen Tajikistan as they felt some neighboring countries were too dangerous.

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Turkmenistan was a revelation! The buses were very nice and comfortable. Chris is well suited to being a tour guide.

 · Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, is located in the extreme west of the country, about a one-hour drive from the border with Uzbekistan. Dushanbe was formed in , when three small settlements of 5, people were united. It became the capital when Tajikistan became an

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